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“Leadership Lessons from the Field”


Empower your team to seek solutions or develop a plan of attack for a situation. Provide them access to the right knowledge and insight so they can make the best decisions possible for them and your business.

In my previous business, I heard these excuses from my employees too many times. When asked why they didn’t consult their immediate supervisor, or me, I often heard “because I didn’t want to bother them or you” or “no one was available at the time”.

I’ve actually had employees tell me that they wish they could carry me in their hip pocket. As situations or problems arise and in order to make the right decisions, they would be able to review the actions they plan to take or solutions they want to implement with me.

Sometimes we find ourselves confronted with a situation where we think we know the best way to handle things, but second guess ourselves, because we don’t want to make mistakes. Instead of proceeding in a confident manner, we hesitate, or worse, avoid the immediate conflict and sweep the situation under the rug and do nothing. And then at a later time, the problem escalates into a bigger issue, or a similar situation happens again forcing us to address the problem.

We leaders realize the importance of holding our team members accountable for implementing and executing company policies and procedures at all times. Training and development of our employees is an ongoing process. Few people have the ability to retain 100% of what they learn, nor become experts overnight. However, it is impossible to always be available 24/7 to offer our feedback or coaching when needed.

KLONE QUERY is the answer to this problem! Any company’s most frequently asked questions and answers are stored in KLONE. Employees can quickly type their question in KLONE QUERY and instantaneously receive the same response and guidance that you would have communicated with them, if they had been able to reach you personally.

KLONE QUERY provides instant access to the Questions & Answers and business knowledge which ensures that your team has the ability to execute their job functions without disruption for either them or you.

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