Give your employees a voice
KLONE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT is giving a voice to the most important people in your business, your employee.

This function encourages employees to share their feedback, enabling leadership to collaborate with their team by evaluating actual results. No one knows better than the people to whom we have entrusted the welfare of our business, which best practices work and which practices can be improved.

Through the KLONE solutions (e.g., KLONE QUERY, BEST PRACTICES, and CHECKLISTS), business leaders deliver strategies, policies, procedures, and instructions to employees. The last step is seeking feedback from employees that are on the front line tasked with implementing and executing the procedures and policies we have designed for them.

Managers can confirm these suggestions by applying their feedback to optimize existing procedures, or use these conversations as coaching opportunities, should they disagree with the feedback. Either way, KLONE will track feedback and manager responses on an “administrative” dashboard for business leaders to view and monitor the activity levels of employee engagement.

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